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Our IT company is installed at Technopark El Gazela Ariana in Tunis !

Despite the new installation in Tunisia, we boast an experience in software development and engineering of database of over thirty years.

We are particularly expert in Geographic Information System and any data representation of cartographic bases.

Our objective in Tunis is to develop a tracking software system of waste collection vehicles, the automatic collection of data and the realization of a cartographic system for the design and optimization of the collection truck routes.

Improving and optimizing the routes, Municipal or private companies will get substantial savings on the operating costs of urban hygiene services.

All this entails a considerable environmental savings, fewer trucks that run in the city means less air pollution, less noise pollution, less traffic and economic saving for Municipal that organize the collection of waste.

Therefore,our target is to fornitre the best possible organization in all processes related to the organization of the collection, transportation and recycling of municipal and industrial waste.
Our team is not only experienced with computer and electronic systems, but also we are people with decades of experience in the waste sector in cities like Milan and Rome.
We can also realize other software in different fields of course.
Every need for analysis and the development of organizational and IT systems is treated by us with the utmost professionalism.
We are able to design and implement complex database management reports.
Through the GIS (Geographic Information System), we can take you into the future of information technology and with our consulting in the urban and industrial waste sector we can help you manage and organize your work.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Rocco Campanozzi

Rocco Campanozzi

CEO & Founder of TSD

IT expert, Waste Manager analyst planner.
Geographic Information Systems expert.
Software analyst & development.
Database engineer.

With more than thirty years of experience in the development of IT systems in the field of urban solid waste collection and environmental city services.

I worked for municipalities such as City of Milan and the Abruzzo Region in Italy, today I bring my full experience to a young Tunisian company.

TSD will take the technological challenges of the coming years in the IT applied to the design of waste collection itineraries, Transport, disposal and recycling.

Do not miss us, we will develop great projects thanks to our young and professional Engineers.

We have a dream and we make it happen!

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We are a professional Team of Software Engineers

We are a professional Team of Software Engineers