What we do

What we can do for your company in 4 steps


Our first support is to carry out a complete analysis of the entire waste collection and disposal system, in order to have a picture of the current situation.


Reorganization of services on cartographic and mathematical bases.

Software solutions

 A complete and powerful system that will allow you to manage all the different aspects of your services.

Follow up

Monitoring and assistance to maintain your performance while your needs grows or change.


1. Data collection: The first step necessary for a complete analysis of the current waste collection system consists in collecting all the objective data relating to personnel, vehicles and the territory.

2. Data analyzing: Search for inconsistencies between data, for example missing routes, wrong bin locations, inefficient collection system, ineffective road cleaning.

3. Data correction and optimizing: All data are the fundamental basis for a correct and optimized organization. For this reason it is necessary that they are correct and updated. We will therefore take care to organize your data correctly and in the formats necessary for the design of the services.

4. Report on work organizations opportunities: Reorganization of work on optimization of the entire waste cycle, from collection to transport to recycling and reuse of waste as a primary resource.

5. Strategy: Strategy is the fundamental part of the analysis process, understanding the goal to be achieved and how much time we have to reach it. The organization of the services will be based on the needs of the Municipality that may be different from country to country or regions and regions.

6. A new organization of work: To have high performance, advanced tools such as analysis and mapping software are needed. Thanks to our support you will be accompanied in this process of transformation that will allow you to reach the set objectives.


1. Definition of each individual services: Each service identified in the strategy must be organized according to precise protocols, such as: We wish to make the diffused collection of the plastic twice a week on a given territory. Therefore it is necessary to identify personnel and resources for planning this service.

2. Cartographic representation and planning: Cartographic planning of the itineraries of the services. The system provides a semi-automatic planning of itineraries based on the type of services, frequencies and the amount of waste / services that must be collected during the journey.

Software solutions

1. Manage the services: The software provides an easy and performant management of each service to have full control for every aspect of the different services.

2. Manage the territory: With the use of GIS (geographic information system) software you will get full administration of the areas and routes using the mapping system in the software.

3. Manage the path: Improving and optimizing the routes, Municipal or private companies will get substantial savings on the operating costs of urban hygiene services.

4. Manage the employees: organization of work for each employee of the municipality and managing all the informations of the staff to assure the best work possible.

5. Manage the means: Having full traceability for each product and mean used by the municipality in order to maintain and assure the full performance to achieve the needed work.

6. Manage the waste collection: Our software provides the best possible organization in all processes related to the organization of the collection, transportation and recycling of municipal and industrial waste.

Follow up

1. Directional reporting: All the data collected by the software system will subsequently be available to create a management reporting system able to make decisions based on objective data.

2. Consulting: Our team of waste management experts will always be at your side to work with you to optimize every aspect of the waste cycle organization.

3. Software assistance: Our software is tested to be 100% efficient. Our team of software engineers will be able to give you all the assistance that you need.

4. Software GIS ( Geographic Information System ): The territory and services change over time, with our follow-up service  you will stay up to date and able to change every aspect of your services.

5. News & Informations: Our technical service will keep you up-to-date on all aspects and innovations in the waste sector worldwide.

6. Network & Web & Services: We will provide you with the design and development of your network where you can exchange data between your distant locations. Furthermore we can develop or update your website where you can publish information or exchange data and services with the population.

The Software for the environment

The calculation of costs enables us to precisely assess the savings that companies who deal with waste collection can get.

Try to think that if with our software you will be able to save the purchase of a waste collection truck, your budget could get savings of around one million Euros.

Satellite system GPS

Our ATES system is an electronic system and modular software.
It is an electronic component that interfaces with the truck, collecting different information:

Position of the medium
Instantaneous speed
Number of dumpster emptied
bin weight of waste emptied
Emptying anomalies
Connection to the CAN-Bus Truck

A powerful database

Where we gather all the information from the media that connects to the company’s operational management database.

Management of transport routes depending on the type of collection services: For example:

Paper collection Itinerary
Plastic collection Itinerary
Metal collection Itinerary
Glass collection Itinerary
Route of organic waste collection
ect ….

Software modules

The “Operational Management” module is the main element of all the software that we have made. It allows the programming of all the activities and services performed by the company. An extremely powerful and sophisticated tool for managing and coordinating the human and mechanical resources commitments. “ATES Operational Management” has been developed through years of experience for companies that have to schedule the commitments of collection, sweeping, and every environmental service to be carried out in the city.

Data collection


The first step necessary for a complete analysis of the current waste collection system consists in collecting all the objective data relating to personnel, vehicles and the territory.