Cleaning a city is a professional job, does your company have the right software ?

Let us support you

Upgrade your business with the help of professional software specialists in the environmental field.

Analisys & Software Development

We provide software solutions that offer a consultative and flexible approach, ensuring you achieve a system that works for your company and your business. Through our consulting we offer a specific software solution based on your needs.

GIS Solutions

We are experts in designing truck collection itineraries using Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies to calculate the optimum path in distance or time and subsequently to assist the user to reach the final destination in the best conditions.

Web Applications

We are specialized in the design and implementation of IT solutions, provide our customers with the expertise of our development team for the development and evolution of the specific and customized computer software and applications.

Software engineering

From the analysis of the organization of urban environmental services to the database design and to the development of the software, the TSD follows you in a winning path.

With our technological evolution proposal, your company will optimize its urban hygiene services and greatly save on running costs.

Geographic Information System

Thanks to the geolocation and territorial analysis IT technologies, you can reorganize all of your urban solid waste collection and sweeping services.

Try to imagine how much you can save on your business budget! Thanks to these technologies, you might want to buy a smaller number of pickup truck.

How much does a less truck, worker, fuel, insurance, shift, and more have impact on your budget ?

We have developed and built with our team of experienced professionals who worked in operational roles in the waste management industry for big cities in Italy. We created a system that meets operator needs, based on real life scenarios, to assure the 100%performance of the system.

Web Applications

Amongst the strategies available to improve your contact with your users, we have studied a number of interesting proposals that will also have a significant impact on your business.

If your job is to clean up the City ... we can help you !

Do not leave anything to the case, plan and optimize all urban solid waste sweeping and recycling services through our software and our experience.


TSD is born the 03.05.2017 !!! Happy business TSD !!!!

Sept. 2016 - FIPA Milan meet TSD

After the first meeting TSD CEO meet FIPA Milan for plan a visit in Tunis

TSD: Tunisian Software Development partecipate to TUNIS 2020 Conference

TSD: Tunisian Software Development partecipate to TUNIS 2020 Conference

TSD: Members general meeting on Jan 2017

<p>The general members and investors of TSD will meet on Jan 2017 to plan the next step to develop the constitution of TSD</p>

TSD: 4th September 2017 starting day of work, Good luck TSD !!!!!!

The 4th september will be the first day of officially work