Some of our experience

More than 30 years of experience in the waste management sector for big cities like Milan and Regions like Abruzzo.

♦ Municipal Environmental Services Company of Milan (company of 3000 employees to serve the city of 1.3 million residents, area 181,67 km²): I was involved for 15 years in all business processes: Operational,  administrative, technical. I planned and integrated our information systems with new technologies such as GIS (Geographic Information System) and GPS (Global Position System).

♦ Region Abruzzo, Italy (1.33 Mln habitants, Area: 10794 km²): I Study in collaboration with a working group of Rome, I worked on all the development and cartographic information for the preparation of the regionals integrated waste management plan, particularly I called through the study of the area, such as earthquake risk areas, flooding, parks, communication roads and population density, the identification of areas suitable for the construction of incinerators and all documentation required optimization of systems for the waste collection.

♦City of Monza, Italy (130,000 habitants): Commissioner in charge of the environmental committee of the city.

♦ Burkina Faso, Africa: I was in the capital city of Ouagadougou (1 M inhabitants) at the Ministry of Labour to present a project to collect waste in the city, and the construction of a incinerator of municipal solid waste and the relative production of electricity.

♦ Daejeon, South Korea: I was in Korea at the company SysOnChip for counseling on the implementation of an electronic device GPS / GSM for tracking the waste collection trucks.

♦ Ghana, Africa: On behalf of a non-profit association I was at the  city hospital in the city of Kumasi to manage the construction and installation of the incineration of hospital waste.

♦ SAO Environmental Services Company of Orvieto (TR), Italy: IT consultant for optimization of waste collection routes.

♦ Colombo spurghi Monza, Italy: Consultant for the reorganization of waste management.

♦ Volsca Ambiente Municipal Environmental Services Company of Velletri (Roma), Italy: IT consultant for optimization of waste collection routes, personnel organization and truck maintenance.

♦ Municipality of Cerveteri Roma, Italy: IT consultant for route optimization waste collection.