Advanced Tracking & Elaboration System

An electronic system and modular software to provide full control and management.

 Territorial tracking

Geolocalization and tracking in real time with full administration to improve and optimize the routes.


Complete management and full administration of all the different resources and services.


Full control and management in order to coordinating the human and technological mechanical resources.


Reporting system based on all the data collection to have a full visibility of the work achievements and coasts.



Communication and web publication are guaranteed with a portal to share news and informations with the community. Data exchange between all the different distant locations and entities to provide the best communication.


Three Important Values of ATES



The system is specific for what you need in all the different aspects and special services that you provide.




The system is scalable and structured in different modules to ensure maximum flexibility.




The system is a complete solution that contains many modules for each different phase of your business plan.


Operational Management

  • Using the collected data, which is appropriately filtered and analyzed with our software, it will allow you to design and optimize all the waste collection routes to assure the best performance to collect, transport and then recycle the collected waste.
  • With our solution you can gather all the information necessary to attribute to all the quantities, types of waste and the services that particular roads and areas need to have the ultimate waste collections and good strategy for recycling.



  • Mobile devices to support  communication, traceability and optimization of delivery and collection operations carried out by operatives on the ground.
  • Advanced solutions for the management of vehicles and operational teams. Specialized in the monitoring and certified ion of timing and activities carried out by operatives using specific instruments such as electronic components, weighing systems, sensors etc.


Economic Saving

With the management of our software solution you will be able to raise your budget which will help you to grow your business and improve the quality of your services.

Environmental Saving

With our path control and optimization, fewer trucks will run in the city which means less air pollution, less noise pollution, less traffic and gain better environment for the city and the community.